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Etnoyer’s Tips and Tricks

If you have ever had a small leak in your Rv , you know how annoying that can be.

Just imagine it’s raining real hard outside and your all in the Rv playing cards to pass the time away. There you are with a great hand of cards, A big bowl of potato chips and Bloop. A water drop splashes right on your chips. How much of a bummer is that?

Dicor Lap sealant is great for fixing those kinds of leaks.  Simply clean the area you wish to seal you can use a mild degreaser on almost all roof types dicor roof cleaner works very well.  Once the area is clean and dry work the sealant into the leaking lap joint and let it set. After it has skinned over you can even paint it if you want.

Now you have crispy chips again! Good Times.

watch for more Tips, Tricks and product reviews in my blog.

Unitll then, Keep Rving !

Dicor Sealant
Dicor Sealant

Meets and exceeds the demanding needs of a roofing sealant while providing a cleaner, safer work environment. This flexible, waterproof compound is designed for EPDM rubber, TPO, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, steel or masonry, which may be painted over after out skin has formed. Hazardous Air Pollutants Free, Self-Leveling. 10.3 oz. Tube.


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